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GPK measures:

– player check-in and registration verification
– hand sanitizing upon arrival and during events for all players and staff
– temperature check
– individual water bottles
– constant disinfection of materials
– no access to locker rooms
– plexiglass at the canteen
– gloves and masks for the canteen staff
– masks and gloves for the Athletic Therapists – gloves changed between each player
– disinfection of the treatment table between each athlete
– hand sanitizing and temperature of the athlete prior to interactions with the Athletic Therapists
– disinfection of all the tools used by Athletic Therapists after each use
– in the event of a member of the association exhibiting COVID symptoms, if they have been in contact with anyone from the association that day, the event will be cancelled
– in the event of a member of the opposing team exhibiting COVID symptoms upon arrival, the game will be cancelled immediately and the field vacated as safely and quickly as possible



Recovery plan for the resumption of contactless and contact football games in Quebec

August 2020

– These procedures are effective as of August 3, 2020. This document is evolving, it could change at any time due to directives issued by public health authorities.

– Each host organization must contact the management of the site where the game will takes place in order to familiarize themselves with the regulations that are established. It is the responsibility of the host organization to make the competition venue as secure as possible.
– Everyone at the competition venue must adhere to social distancing guidelines issued by public health. When it is impossible to comply with them, wearing a mask is compulsory except for people playing the game.
– Players should not share any piece of equipment, water bottles, towels or the like.
– Everyone is responsible for having their own bottle of water.
– Handshakes before and after the game are prohibited.
– Everyone involved in the game should wash their hands as often as possible.
– We suggest mask and gloves be worn for all support staff and minor officials.

The week of the game:
– It is the responsibility of the visiting team to contact the host team manager during the match week to discuss the procedure to be followed before the match. In this sense, each league must provide, to all its member teams, a list of responsible persons to contact for each organization.

Arrival at the location:
– The host team is responsible for meeting the opposing team as well as the officials in order to provide them with the proper directives.

– If changing rooms are available, all participants must comply with government directives regarding the wearing of masks in public places or those of the owner of the premises.
– Football Quebec suggests that the changing rooms be washed / disinfected before and after any use.

On the field:
– If the space available at the bench does not allow the prescribed social distancing, only the players can fully use the space between the 45-line and the end zone, staying a minimum of 2 meters from the field.
– For this year, there will be no meeting with the captains from each team in the middle of the field at the start of the match. The head official will summon two coaches (1 per team) before the start of the game. This is when they will agree on the start of the half picks (kick / side of field / defer). These coaches must be available at least 3 minutes before the game.
– For this year, there will be no handshake between members of different organizations.
– We ask you to consider the importance of organizing the usage of managing water bottles, the management of masks, the disposition of players awaiting substitution in order to ensure a safe environment.
– This year, each team starting an offensive series must provide its own cleaned ball from its first play and for the duration of the series. In addition, we ask the players to return the ball to the point of start after each play. The referee will indicate where to place the ball.

– Coaches must at all times be more than two meters from officials and the field.
– For coaches who are unable to comply with social distancing measures: Wear a mask please
– Cones (or a clear indicator) should be placed two meters from the pitch to prevent a coach or player from the field.

– Each player is responsible for having his or her bottle of water. No sharing between players is allowed.
– On the sidelines, players must respect social distancing measures on the bench except during (strategic) post-series rallies.
– Players who are not in uniform for the game (injured, inactive … etc.) will not be allowed on the bench in order to maximize the available space.
Sports therapists / Physiotherapist / nursing staff:
– The medical personal must wear the mask and gloves at all times on the sidelines. Resumption of non-contact football and tackle football

Members or volunteers of the host organization:
– A member or volunteer of the host team is responsible for receiving the visiting team upon their arrival. A member or volunteer meet the visiting team and direct them to their local. In addition, this person will have to advise if there are any unforeseen changes to the security guidelines that had previously been discussed between the two organizations.
– Provide a person to protect the personal effects of the referees if the locker-rooms are not available. This person will also have to ensure the opening of the path that the referees will take to enter and leave the field.
– The member or volunteer responsible for the timing and the score sheet will receive a sheet with the names and numbers of the referees and must write everything in the spaces designated on the score sheet. The head referee will sign everything at the end of the game.
– All volunteers in contact with opposing teams or officials must wear the mask in their presence.

– See document prepared by the APAFQ referees. (Annex A)
– Allow the necessary time during the timeouts so that the players and referees return to the bench to drink from their own water bottles. For the good of all, flexibility and openness will be required.

Equipment manager:
– The equipment manager must wear a mask and gloves during the match.
– The equipment manager must clean the ball at the start of the game and before each offensive series.
– The equipment manager reminds players to maintain social distancing.
– A team without an equipment manager will have to designate a person responsible for clean the ball at the agreed times.

– It is the responsibility of the management of the premises to ensure that the standards in force are respected.
– For this year, spectators will not be allowed on the playing surface at any time. Access to the field is reserved for players, coaches, officials and staff necessary for the smooth running of the game.
Resumption of non-contact football and tackle football

Ministerial instructions from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education dated July 3
– In all transportation of team perssonnel, the physical distancing of 2 meters remains applicable, the mask does not replace the other measures.
– Here is the position we have taken in the case of charter transport:
– It is the carrier’s responsibility to ensure that:
– The client company receives information on the maximum number of seats that can be allocated in the coach so as to respect the physical distance between the passengers, the driver and the tour guide;
– The ventilation in the vehicle is adequate;
– The coach is maintained in accordance with current sanitary hygiene rules;
– The driver knows and applies the sanitary measures;
– Corporate clients know the measures that apply in the coach and that tour guides will make sure their clients comply with them.

Displays rules and preventive measures in the vehicle for passengers:
Indication of seats not available
Interim recommendations for workers in public transport – buses, trains and metro: (French only)
Guide to workplace health standards for the public transportation sector – COVID-19: (French

COVID-19 Updates

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