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Prior to August, no deadline. As of August, email vp football or vp u14 football.

Yes, and good opportunity to meet and discuss with the staff.

Full equipment (except cleats and girdle) or uniform and its maintenance, all league fees, referee costs, transportation (if applicable), athletic therapist and materials costs, game and practice supplies, COVID-related sanitary expenses.

No, it is a great opportunity to learn and expand their athletic background. Our staff is well qualified and experienced to ensure a gradual introduction and integration according to each player’s level of experience and comfort.

– football: cleats and girdle
– cheer: running shoes and comfortable attire

Spring camp is in April, practices run from May to end of October and game schedule August to November

– Practices every Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 – 8pm for Cheer, Tykes, Atom, Mosquito and Peewee. 8pm-10pm Bantam, Midget and Junior.
– Games will be determined once the schedules are finalized, but can vary between Friday night, Saturday or Sunday

– Cheer and Tykes: $135
– Atom, Mosquito, Peewee: $300
– Bantam and Midget: $400
– Junior: $450

Our staff emphasizes safe and fair play at all events, but while football is a great way to be part of a team and be physically active, it remains a contact sport and injuries therefore can happen. Our association has a dedicated team of Certified Athletic Therapists that cover all the club’s events. They are available for prevention, intervention, recovery and return to play management during these events and remain reachable at any time. We are also affiliated with the team from Hexa Physio (link) for additional coverage.

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