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The Greenfield Park Packers Football Association is a non-profit association, run by volunteers, including coaches, managers, equipment managers and administrative members, many of whom are alumni players or parents that are offering their time and energy. We are an engaged association, focused on physical and mental health, as well as the safety of our players managed by our team of certified athletic therapists, and we believe that the combination of sport and our societal values is what makes us unique.

Executive Members

Richard Bagordo

Email: president@gpkpackers.com

Isabelle Perron

Email: vpadmin@gpkpackers.com

Kyle Duclos

Email: vpfootball@gpkpackers.com

Kirk Brydges

Email: vpfootballu14@gpkpackers.com

Saralynn Gallagher

Email: vpmanager@gpkpackers.com

Véronique Labonne

Email: vpcanteen@gpkpackers.com

Kelly-Ann Leonard

email: vpcheer@gpkpackers.com

Wade Wilson

Email: ombudsman@gpkpackers.com

Judith Shaffer Blouin

Email: marketing@gpkpackers.com

Julie St-Amand

Email: secretary@gpkpackers.com


Kelly-Ann Leonard

Shawn McDonald

Ryan Lee

Kirk Brydges

Dylan Church

Sundee Jones

Troy Mendez

Donald Jacques


Kelly-Ann Leonard

Tracy Veilleux

Steph Evers

Katie Holman

Saralynn Gallagher

Judith Shaffer Blouin

Darlene Walsh

Equipment Managers

Peter Kock

Richard Ford

Scott Wellard

Athletic Therapists

Wing Lee

Chris Diktakis (on leave)

Steven Warsh

Mika Lebel

Evgenia Sanoudakis

Jeremy Belisle

Stephanie Lehmann